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Molecular evolutionary genetics of bivalves and more

My students, collaborators and I study the unusual system of mitochondrial DNA inheritance in mussels, as well as population genetics and phylogenetics of many other species.


Research in Evolutionary Biology


Molecular evolutionary genetics of bivalves

My students, collaborators and I have been studying the unusual system of doubly uniparental inheritance of mitochondrial DNA in bivalves for 20+ years. My current NSERC Discovery grant is focused on this question. Current projects are underway with Dr. Sophie Breton ( Université de Montréal), Dr. Manuel Garrido-Ramos (Universidad de Granada) and Dr. Sidey Arias and Rebecca Quesada-Cespedes, Estación de Biología Marina, Puntarenas, Costa Rica).


Population genetics of species in Atlantic Canada

MSc student Brittni Scott is working on the population genetic structure of black bears in Nova Scotia. We are working with Soren Bondrup-Nielsen and others to study these fascinating large mammals.
Matthew Penney and I are working with Tim Rawlings (CBU) and industrial partners to study the genetic structure of holothurians in Atlantic Canada.


Genomics of shrews

With Dr. Aaron Shafer (Trent University), incoming student G. Jalilvand will explore the genome of the Maritime shrew, a Canadian Endemic species found only in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

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Published Work

As of November 2018:

Papers in refereed journals.

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